Whether you are looking to transform your current bathroom into a luxury paradise or just update an aging room, you've made the right choice by choosing J.H.RENO. I’m sure you have a friend or neighbor that believes they can renovate your bathroom. Bathrooms are generally not large, but require a lot of skill to complete. Plumbing, electrical, carpentry, tile setting, etc...Is your neighbor comfortable enough in all those tasks to be able to assure you that you will not have water running through your floor or ceiling in the near future? Regardless of who renovates your room, there is a great deal of cost associated with it. So get J.H. RENO and invest wisely. Make your new renovation last a lifetime.

 Schluter Systems is a complete waterproofing system for maintenance-free tiled showers, which helps ensure success by eliminating the risk of failures due to vapour and/or water penetration. To learn more about Schluther systems click here.


Kitchen renovation is the process of improving a structure. When decorating on a budget, it’s important to be creative with your purchases. The kitchen is the heart of house. It is more versatile than any other room of the house. It is used to prepare meals, feed the family, store foods, and also used to store other household items. The kitchen is the centerpiece of the home. It is also known as the family gathering place. It’s is a major change that one takes to renovate a house. It may affect the manner in which the house looks. Therefore, it is important that every kitchen remodeling idea be taken into consideration. This is especially true when space is limited, and kitchen remodeling cost is concern.


We offer residential plumbing services.

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